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Ready to apply the final coat of polish to your recordings? Here at Gighouse Recording Studios we have the technology and most importantly, the skills to bring your recordings to life.

Gighouse Studio Avalon


Create and capture your unique sound with experienced professionals and the latest recording technologies at Gighouse Recording Studios. You’ll have your pick of equipment — everything from microphones, backline, drums to our beautiful upright piano. Contact us to set up a time for your Recording session today!

Gighouse Studio Piano


Looking to bring your creative concoctions to life? Book your Mixing session at Gighouse Recording Studios and work with our experienced team to realise your unique sound. Together we’ll collaborate throughout the entire production process to develop a final recording you are proud of and which your fans will enjoy. Contact us to start Mixing today.


Voice Over

With our wide range of microphones we will be able to capture the perfect voice over required for your project. With in house video sync technology we're also able to provide the facility of adding voice overs in real time to video.

Recording Studio
Gighouse Studios



Gighouse Prism Sound

If you're looking for a professional recording studios in Warwickshire then read on. Gighouse Recording Studios is in a beautiful country location in the heart of Warwickshire, close to Leamington Spa offering comprehensive facilities at a competitive rate. We have been established for over 20 years and provide a relaxed creative environment for musicians, commercial musicians and many other audio applications.

The naturally light, spacious live areas can be adapted to many needs from radio to reggae! The large Control room enables mixing and mastering to be done in comfort. The Studio is in a converted Gig House, built in 1861, for keeping Pony and Trap, hence the name. Some of our clients believe it to be sited on a mergence of ley lines providing its very special creative atmosphere.We have a full drum kit available for use and also a Challen 988 acoustic piano in fabulous condition.

The studio is situated in Warwickshire, minutes from the M40 and 3 miles from Leamington Spa train station, with easy access to London, Birmingham, Warwick and Coventry and the whole of the Midlands.

Facilities include kitchen area and quiet room and uninterrupted views of the Warwickshire countryside.


Dedicated and Passionate

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andie thomson

The recording master!

andie thomson has over 28 years experience in Sound Engineering . He is also a musician, and composer as well as a highly skilled producer. Because of his skills many clients return regularly.

andie is involved in the production of high quality samples and loops which site members will be able to access for download. There will be new samples at this site at regular intervals and if you join our mailing list you will be notified by email when any new samples appear!!

The studio will be happy to accommodate your own producer/engineer if you so wished.

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Sounds So Good


Soundcraft GHOST Mixing Console:
32 inputs (fed directly from the ‘live’ areas). Our GHOST has been professionally modified (up rated power supply, recapped with custom capacitors and the standard operational amplifiers have been replaced with carefully selected custom OpAmps). Quite simply, this desk, its EQ and preamps sound spectacular!

Main monitors: Genelec triamp 1037A

Midfield: Genelec biamp 1031A

Nearfield:Yamaha NS10 powered by Alesis RA300 power amp

Computer Monitors: Genelec biamp 8020A

96+ track digital Recording:
Our 96+ track recording system is run on an 12-core MacPro (2 x 3.45 GHz Six-Core processors) with 96 gig of ram and 20 TB of internal drives.

Our main recording/sequencing packages are Digital Performer v10.13 and Pro Tools HD Native v11.3.1

Both systems use 2x lynx AESe soundcards that plug directly into 24 channels of PrismSound 'Dream ADA8' A/D and D/A converters, 2 channels of PrismSound DA2, and 2 channels of Apogee P100.

Additional processing and FX are handled by a powerful tc electronic 'PowerCore 6000'.

This system delivers fantastic HD sound quality!
We also have a Mackie Control Surface and a Slate Digital Raven MTi2 to give a "hands on feel " when working with digital mixes.

Mastering to Industry Standard with Avalon, PrismSound, Apogee and tc electronic.
"The most crucial component in the digital recording environment is high-quality A/D conversion and the most trusted and desirable converters are made by PrismSound and Apogee." We now use PrismSound and Apogee A/D and D/A converters for monitoring all digital sound sources in the studio. This includes monitoring during mix down, re-mixing and mastering.

Specialised Preamps:
2x Vintech Audio/Neve 473 and 1x Vintech Audio x73i. Giving a total of 9 Vintech/Neve Preamps (Sound fantastic!).
2x Avalon VT-737SP TUBE preamplifier with opto-compressor and sweep equalizer (these are connected directly to our Prism ADA8's).
1x Avalon AD2022 Dual mono/stereo preamplifier fed directly in an Avalon AD2055 dual mono/stereo EQ.
Calrec SBS422A stereo preamp.
API 3124 modified 4 channel preamp (Ideal for recording 'real' guitar cabs).

In the Mic Cupboard:
Calrec Soundfield SPS422 x1
AKG C12 valve microphone
Neumann U87 x2 (These 1970’s mics sound better and better as time goes by!!!)
TLM 193 x2
KM184's x2
Royer R121 ribbon microphone
Brauner Phantom C x1
AKG C414 EB x2, 451EB's x4, D112
Calrec CM1020C x2
Beyerdynamic MC740N x1
Audio Technica AT4033 x2
ATM250DE x3
Sennheiser 509 x2, e609 x1, e604 x4
Shure SM57x2, Beta56x1, Beta91a x1
Heil Sound PR-40
Solomon SubKick LoFReQ

Analogue FX and Signal Processors:
Many of the effects/processors we use are now within the computer. These are listed after the analogue FX/Signal processors.

Analogue FX processors:
Lexicon PCM 70
Sony R7 digital reverb
Sony D7 digital delay
Roland RSP-550
Tc electronic Fireworks 96k (midi controlled)
Tc electronic M300 dual engine processor

Analogue Signal Processors:
Avalon VT-747SP stereo TUBE opto-compressor
Avalon AD2055 Pure Class A music equalizer
Distressor EL8-X British Mode x2
Tc Electronic Finalizer 96K 24 bit (also used for mastering)
Drawmer Quad Compressor
Drawmer mono Compressor x 4
Drawmer mono Noise Gates x 4
Stereo Drawmer Noise Filter
DBX 120X Sub harmonic Synthesizer
BBE Sonic Maximizer
Line 6 Pod Pro 96K 24bit Guitar Processor
Line 6 Bass Pro 96k 24bit Bass Processor

List of Programs and Plugins:
Our extensive list of genuine audio plugins includes products from:
Waves (over 400 plugins)
SSL Duende
Tc Electronics
Slate Digital (includes drum replacement software)
Celemony (audio tuning software)
Antaries (audio tuning software)
Audio Ease
Camel Audio
IK Multimedia
Native instruments
Drumagog (drum replacement software)
Final Cut Pro (Video editing software)
Bias Peak Pro (audio editing/mastering software)

Mixdown and Mastering Hardware:
Tascam DV-RA 1000 HD/CD/DVD Recorder
Tascam DA45HR 24 bit DAT recorder
Tascam DA30 MK II DAT recorder
HHB CDR 800 Professional (dedicated Audio CDR)
Denon DR-M14HX x 4 cassette recorders

Additional Multitrack Recorders:
Tascam DA 38 (8 track digital tape recorder)
MOTU Traveler Mk2 (8 channel audio interface/recorder)

We also have a lot of virtual instruments installed on our main computer, they include products from:
FXpansion (12 Drum kits)
Toontrack (10 Drum kits)
Spectrasonics (with 4 powerful virtual instruments)
Synthology (Ivory, a wonderful piano module)
Native instruments (68 powerful virtual instruments)

Live Instruments available for use:
Studio Drum Kit: Sonor Delite (vintage shells) 5 piece drum kit
Ufip hi-hats
Ufip Extatic 17" and 18" crash cymbals
Ufip Extatic 20" ride cymbal

Studio Pianos/Keyboards:
Challen 988 Upright Piano
Yamaha Clavinova PFP100 Digital Piano
Korg Wavestation

Guitar Amps and speakers:
Blackstar Series One 200 4 channel valve head
Blackstar Series One 4x12 angled speaker Cabinet
Mesa Boogie Stereo 50 x 50 Poweramp
2 x12 Mesa Boogie Black Shadow Speaker Cabinets

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Get in touch to discuss your next recording project. We're always on hand to offer some friendly advice.

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